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Latte Art

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Artist del Latte?

Not as hard as it looks... Zagat's Chris Walsh gets tips on making designs in your latte from a barista at New York City's Joe Coffee.

I drank coffee before it was cool

I drank coffee before it was coolThere was a time the generation before us basked in the gloriousness of the caffeinated high achieved from their daily cup o' joe. Over the last 50 years it's easy to see the major changes in coffee culture like whipped cream, caramel, ice, anything but coffee. Although we here, at The Cup Coffeehouse in Wantagh, are famous for our sweet Mundy Pants and other mouthwatering, candied confections, we welcome you to enjoy a cup of our house blend for just $2.00 any day. Stop in, say hi, and taste some of the best coffee in New York!